For the new Spring-Summer 2020 season, we are inspired by women and their true essence. Life comes back to nature, the reversed plants and all our surroundings are filled with color: beautiful energy, feminine energy.

This year, we will receive the Spring Solstice with vivid and vibrant colours that overthrow good vibes, but also freshness: the coral, the mint and the olive green, accompanied by more neutral tones that can never be missing as taupe, grey and black and white; in natural, soft and loving tissues.

As always, and because life is too short to wear boring clothes, this season's designs carry phrases, as always fun and flashy, but in honor of that Wildreamer Woman: a strong woman, dreamer, brave, and with a wild side.

In this collection, we want to highlight short manga shirts and vaporous dresses. But, as it is not 6 months exclusive of heat, we also offer sweatshirts and blazers in colorful and cheerful colours: because even if it does a little bit of fresh, this time calls for the light tones.

All our pieces are made in Portugal: we respect the nature and the human being. We produce Moda Conscious.