We bring you a collection of very WILD Bandanas.

We are entering 2021, and the masks are still valid and we will probably have to use them for a long period of time ;-)

Thinking about taking care of yourself without losing the “coolest” side and at the same time protecting the environment, we present you our new Bandanas with a mask and an approved filter incorporated.

Bandanas are actually a classic, but of those that in seasons sweep like the first day, as it happens today, they are back in trend. In addition, they have an irresistible price suitable for all pockets, and are a true icon with a rocker and even rebellious point that brings liveliness to any look and protects you in an approved and sustainable way. But let's get to know a little about the origin of bandanas and their evolution to this day, when they have superseded the most sophisticated silk scarves.

The Wild West: a lone ranger and his bandana.

The origin of this scarf is easily attributable: it was the cowboys of the Wild West who first used the bandana to protect their faces from dust and inclement weather in the desert. But the intention could go beyond such practical and innocent issues, and the bandana also served to avoid being recognized, this is getting interesting ...

We already know that being squeamish was not like the Far West, and protecting identity was often necessary both to rid oneself of evil and to commit it. And if it was done with style, then much better, although at that time the jeans were probably not aware of it, nor could they imagine how their scarf would be present in fashion centuries later and that you were going to wear it with such a roll.

The name “bandana” has its reason to refer to the fact that this type of scarf can be used both on the neck and on the head. With the passing of the years and the evolution of fashion, the bandana stopped being a way of covering oneself and became a sign to identify or differentiate itself from the rest. So there is little more to talk about, let's take action: "Before dead than without a bandana."

With this wild spirit inspired by the Wild West, we bring you this collection of bandanas very WILD.

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