We produce conscious fashion respecting nature and human beings.

Manufacturing in Europe allows us to have better control over the making of our garments, the non-use of child labor and the guarantee of respect for the rights of workers.

Our fabrics are made with natural threads manufactured in Portugal, thus optimizing the transport chain and contributing to the reduction of pollution and the use of solid fuels.

We contribute to the reduction of waste and the felling of trees by eliminating the vegetal paper inside the garments that is incorporated by folding them before shipment.

In order to obtain and guarantee a higher quality of the product in terms of health and sustainability, the tints, prints, washes, etc. of our garments are made under the strictest control, the certificate by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

What is the Oeko Tex standard 100 certificate?

The Standard 100 certificate of OEKO TEX® It is an independent system that verifies that there are no harmful substances, neither in textiles, nor in the manufacturing stages of a certain product.

What criteria does Oeko Tex standard 100 follow?

Since 1992, when it came into force, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 conducts scientifically based testing and testing methods. With a strict catalog of measures, OEKO-TEX® considers general regulations, chemicals that are harmful to health (even if they are not yet regulated by legislation), the European Regulation on Chemical Substances (REACH) and numerous classes of substances relevant to the environment .

To obtain an OEKO-TEX® certificate, the product undergoes several tests, having to overcome a long list of Oeko Tex results. They are analyzed, not only the materials used but also, the requesting company, the quality guarantee and the production processes. In order to obtain and guarantee higher product quality in terms of health and sustainability.